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RE: Best fidget spinners from China, over 120 models
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Hi there,

Good day!

Pls be advised that we'd like to recommend our full fidget spinner products to you, over 100 models, the key features:

1, Multi-functional, there are functions like bluetooth speaker with LED flash, bottle opener, electronic opener, LED letter editing(you can input the letter you like to flash, perfect as company promotion)

2, Over 100 modes, from silicone, materials from crystal, diamond, ABS, alloy to stainless steel, shapes like cool weapons, flowers, film figures.......

3, Starting from 0.25/pc to .00/pc, you can choose as gifts, premium or personal use

4, Long spinning time, high quality bearing is applied, spinning time from 2-5 minutes

5, Newly developed ONE PIECE series, up to 10 minutes spinning

Pls feel free to visit our home page or contact us for the updated E-catalog with pricing and order. 

Thanks and best regards,/Frank

Export Department

Fidget spinner E-catalog(100 models)   

INV Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Add.:  INV Industrial Park, GuantianShiyanBao’an, Shenzhen, 518129, China

URL: www.inv-tek.com         E-mail: sales@inv-tek.com

Tel: 0755-27862976              Skype: inv-tek

     2017 New E-catalog 

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